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Consulting Training Programs

Strategy and Culture training

Strategy training, Streamlining the Process training, Sharpening the Culture and Building High Performance Team training, Understanding western and Chinese Culture and Creating Co-operative Atmosphere,

Supervision, Management and Leadership training

The Arts of Leadership training, The First time to be a Manager training, The First Time to be a Supervisor training, Coaching Skills training, Stress Management training, Innovation and Leadership training, Delegation, Motivation, Management by Objective training, Crisis Management training, Change Management, Project Management training, Managerial Communication training

Personal Effectiveness training

Core Competencies for Personal Effectiveness, Business Courtesy and Professional Image training, Communication and Presentation training, Business Presentation training, Reception and Telephone Skills training, Time Management training, Problem Solving and Decision Making training, Adapting to Change training, An Effective Team Member training, Secretary and Assistant Skills training, Excellence in Customer Service training, Stress Management training, Serving an Internal Customer training

Business Languages training

Fundamental Business English training, Intermediate Business English training, Advanced Business English training, Spoken Business English training, Business English Writing training, Elementary Business Chinese training, Intermediate Business Chinese training, Advanced Business Chinese training, Understanding the Chinese Culture training

Sales and Marketing training

Core Competencies for Sales Professionals, Marketing and Competitive Advantage training, Segmentation and Positioning training, Branding training, New Product Development training, Launching the New Product training, Effective Marketing Planning training, Advertisement Management training, Managing the Promotion training, Customer Relation Management training, Effective Customer Service training, Establishing Service Standard training, Evaluating Customer Satisfaction training, Responding to Complaints training, Service Marketing training, Roles of a Sales Management training, Managing a Sales Team training, Sales Coaching training, Professional Selling Skills training, Managing Distributors training, Key Account Management, Sales Assistants training, Finance for Sales Managers, Finance for Sales Admin Assistants, Sales Over the Phone, Sales Negotiation, Sales Presentation, Sales Display and Merchandising Standard, Credit Management and Risk Control, Consumer Behavior, The Arts of War and Sales

Human Resources, Learning and Performance Management training

Job Analysis, Selection and Interview Skills, The Induction, Career Development Plan, The Training System, Trainer Skills, The Training Needs Analysis, The Training Plan and the Training Budget, Performance Management, Coaching for Higher Performance, Performance Evaluation Interview, Compensation and Benefits Design, Stock Option, HR During Merger and Acquisition, HR during Termination and Separation, The Exit Interview, The Employment Contract and Disputes

Financial Management training

Financial Control, Financial Diagnosis and Analysis, Budgeting, Auditing, Tax Management, Credit Control and Risk Management, Finance for Non-Finance Managers, Finance for Secretaries and Assistants

Manufacturing Management training

Supervisory Skills for Operation, Team Leaders, Inventory Management, Lean Production, Site Management, Cost Management and Analysis for Production, Benchmarking, 6 Sigma, ISO and Quality Management, Preventive Maintenance

Purchasing  training

Procurement Management, Negotiation, Contract Management, Supply Evaluation and Management

Logistics training

Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management

International Trade training

International Sourcing, Entering the Overseas Market, International Trade Practices, International Trade Contract, Foreign Trade documents, Business Correspondence, Negotiation, Transportation and the Customs, Import and Export, The Letter of Credit

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It seems there are so many training programs going on and you want to know more, please



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